Baby Con Men on Snooper Sunday

In Paraguay, a 25-year-old South American man, who mainly targeted older women, tricked people into believing that he was an overgrown child and he was lost and looking for his mother.  He played the part by wearing adult diapers, sucking on lollipops and wearing nappies (what the hell is nappies?)

Diaper and all, baby Conman

When I read this story, I was baffled.  He would approach these women and they would let him into their homes and he would rob me while they were off getting him something to drink. What the hell kinda freak show is that?   O_o

They actually believed him. I truly hope they thought he had some type of mental illness but still  I would have had serious reservations and it would have been I hell no.

Baby Con man doesn't look like a baby

Another thing that I just can’t get my head around is the fact that this had been going on for some years and people did report him but POLICE has seen him around and has seen him dressed in his cosplay.  Their excuse. The reports always spoke of a child. So what you saying is….. you see a grown man walking around in an adult diaper in the wrong manner and you don’t have a few questions and you don’t investigate these claims. So what they are waiting for is an ACTUAL child.    🙄

via OddityCentral


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