Dinner & A Movie: 14 Days of Love 14

Love Quote

Japanese Drama Quote ~ Koizora

Drawing was not done by me. It was drawn by Chukchachan, a member of Deviantart.

This duet made it on the playlist 2 days ago. I loved it at first listen. Just about any song this songstress sings or is featured on will get an automatic like from me but this is a double pleasure because I get to appreciate a new voice. What a great way to end our many dates of Dinner & A Movie: 14 Days of Love 2015  but with a Kiss from Wheesung & Ailee

Download @K2Nblog  &  Lyrics @pop!gasa

Dinner & Movie: 14 Days of Love 14

Our Valentine’s Date! Yay! We made it to Day 14 and I realized that I have eaten a lot more Asian inspired meals than I thought I have but on this special hearts day, I decided to share the meal that we are planning to have in real-time as part of our Valentine’s Date. We are going to my favorite Spanish restaurant, Barraca, where I am going to order the Negra Paella. Since I want you to share in our dining experience, I have a recipe that I have in my “I am the damn chef” box that I haven’t had the courage to make YET but it looks so delish. It’s a Filipinos Paella from Asian At Home  I am going to have this out of this world soju by TY KU. I love LOVE this soju. If I could drink it all day like milk, I would. I don’t think being drunk at work everyday is acceptable  🙂  After Dinner, I am running to my favorite dessert place, Serendipity 3. Can’t you see why from the picture. I swear you can order your ice cream any way you want. The bigger and messier the better. I probably won’t make it out in one piece.  Once Dinner and Dessert is over, ON TO THE DANCE FLOOR!

A Chinese Ghost Story

Click the Movie Poster for movie link

I had no idea what my finale movie would be for Dinner and A Movie but when I read the title and then synopsis, I thought it would be very interesting to watch. I am a bit of quirk so I usually enjoy fantasy type movies, so let’s see if the 2011 remastered Chinese release of A Chinese Ghost Story also known as A Chinese Fairy Tale is going to give me some quirk.


Tax collector Ning, a clumsy and easily frightened man, doesn’t have any money and decides to stay overnight in an abandoned temple. Little does he know that the temple is haunted. He meets a very beautiful woman who seduces him, but he doesn’t know that she is a ghost, usually not leaving any man alive…IMDb

My Thoughts

I haven’t watch it yet. I wrote this post a day or two before actual post because of my busy day of spending time with my little one because he is my first Valentine for the day and then the night-time is for mommy but this fact didn’t stop me from reading reviews. Most of the viewers seem to be split on the remake being good or awful. So I guess I will be watching this Sunday so I can gather my own feelings.


( FYI: All the meals included in the Dinner & a Movie posts, we have eaten either at a restaurant or we have cooked at home as is or in different variations. The pictures are just for show as to give you an idea and are owned by either the specified blog where the recipe is located or a restaurant)


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