{Thoughts} Kill Me, Heal Me 9-10

May Contain Spoilers

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Kill Me Heal Me Episode 9

I am a bit behind on my episodes of Kill Me, Heal Me. I blame life for disturbing my quality time with Ji Sung but I WILL find the time to spend even if it’s a week behind.  Each week, KMHM brings more laughter, more angst, and more secret reveals. It’s been a while since I found a drama that continues to bring quality work with each episode.

Kill Me Heal Me Episode 9

I know within each thought I may say the words that an episode has to be the best episode but I can’t help it. KMHM keeps upping the bar every week. Episode 9 ups the bar even higher because we had the pleasure of seeing our “couple” deal with the previous night’s kiss which I think Cha Do Hyun loved seeing how nervous Oh Ri Jin was acting and we got to spend half the episode with 3 of Cha Do Hyun’s personalities with an impromptu sneak in by Nana.  I think it will be closer to the end before we get a chance to meet Nana. I am so curious to see how he portrays the little one.

Kill Me Heal Me Episode 9

Ahn Yo Na

I think all the viewers get excited when Ahn Yo Na shows up. She is a hilarious personality and I think is the bane of evil to Oh Ri Jin. I would love to be friends with someone like Yo Na but if having to deal with this personality while being an adult would drive me crazy and drive me to drink.  I would probably fight her for Ri Jin’s brother because she has a major crush on him and Ri Jin aint’ having it.

Kill Me Heal Me Episode 9

Next to emerge is my Hunnie de jour, Perry Park.  Drinking, being merry, and making bombs. You know Perry is all about an explosive party. Hwang Jung Eum just about stole this scene with her dancing. I don’t know if I can look at her in the same light after this off the wall character she is playing.

Kill Me Heal Me Episode 9

Perry Park

Last but never least is a resident emo, Ahn Yo Sub. He was in his usual cheerful mood but he did tell Ri Jin that he doesn’t want to kill himself anymore and he thanked her. I have the feeling that he will be the first personality to merge. I took his saying he is tired as he is getting weak.

Kill Me Heal Me Episode 9

Ahn Yo Sub

After spending time with ALL of Cha Do Hyun, we have another big reveal. Do Hyun finally finds out the identity of the  infamous Omega writer and to his surprise its Oh Ri On.  Do Hyun tries to find out how much Ri On knows about him and wants to know if he purposely got close to him to learn. That screen was smoking hot with Ri On being dressed up and all serious. Looking like a grown man. YAS!!

Kill Me ,Heal Me Episode 9

I believe with the sudden emergence of the personalities and having Ri Jin by his side, Cha Do Hyun becomes a little more stronger and self-confident.  I loved the scene where he turned the tables on Ki Joon. He knows what Ki Joon is after and he knows who Ki Joon wants to get that information from but what Ki Joon didn’t know was that Ri Jin is on Do Hyun’s side and they both show him that there is strength in small numbers.

Kill Me Heal Me Episode 9

Episode 10 was all about the bad boy himself, Shin Se Gi.  Se Gi woke up angry as hell finding Ri Jin in Do Hyun’s bed. He vows to cause trouble for Do Hyun and get back at Ri Jin for not choosing him.  Oh how I love a bad boy. That damn Ji Sung.

I think the next few episodes, we will be getting answers and our main characters will start remembering. I need them to because I am going a bit crazy coming up with different versions of what happened in that basement and who the hell caused our poor Do Hyun to split in 7.

Kill Me Heal Me Episode 10

Since Se Gi decides that Cha Do Hyun is never coming back, he is going to take his place and take what rightfully belongs to him.  As serious as the situation at hand can be, I love the way the writers invoke comedy. The office scenes with Se Gi were hilarious. Ki Joon didn’t know what was in store for his work day. Oh Ri Jin and Secretary had to run interference on Se Gi for the day as well.

Kill Me, Heal Me Episode 10

The biggest reveal of episode 9 & 10 is that Oh Ri On has put together that Cha Do Hyun suffers from DID and goes and retrieves his sister from Do Hyun fearing that she is in danger. He comes face to face with Shin Se Gi and through their warnings, Ri On reveals that Cha Do Hyun is the son of Seung Jin Group.

Kill Me Heal Me Episode 10

It’s getting hot and more tense in Kill Me Heal Me. Can’t wait to see episode 11 & 12




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