Dinner & A Movie: 14 Days of Love 11

Love Quote

Kdrama Quote from Love Rain

On the jukebox tonight is the first song that caught my attention in a K-movie and I still love Creating Love by 4minute.  It’s not often that I press skip on my playlist for this song. It always reminds me of why I love watching Asian dramas and movies.

Download @myfreemp3  & Lyrics @Lyrics of Life

Dinner & A Movie: 14 Days Of Love 11

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OOOOOO, Date night 11 has us with a small layered Korean meal. As we have seen on K-Dramas or movies, when the family prepares a meal there is usually a main dish, rice, a soup, & several side dishes (ban-chan). It’s not often we have full Korean meal because the yeobo is the only K-native in the house among myself and my 4-year-old who will only go so far in trying something new.  Tonight’s meal is one that my yeobo has actually prepared a few times using his grandmother’s recipes but since I can’t share those with you, I will share the recipes from Crazy Korean Cooking that I have used trying to recreate these dishes as a special surprise. The main dish is a household favorite and my yeobe’s favorite, Spicy Pork Bulgogi (Spicy Marinated Pork). We have few side items that we enjoy with the dish. There is the standard sticky rice, a soup(which I forgot to add), the best damn potatoes I ever tasted, Gamja Jorim (Korean Braised Potatoes) and the Mini Mayak Gimbap. There are several variations of the gimbap and they can be found at Crazy Korean Kitchen.  To wash this delicious meal down,  we decided to open a special bottle of Bokbunja joo (Korean Raspberry Wine)

Since it’s close to Valentine’s Day and I am getting to ready to starting making this tonight (SSssh!!! As soon as the yeobo goes to bed, this is a surprise) I found the perfect Valentine’s gift @ My Korean Kitchen that combines rice cakes and strawberries simply called Strawberry Rice Cakes for My Valentine .

Japanese Movie, The Liar and His Lover

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How I love Takeru Sato and that is love is the reason I chose the 2013 Japanese movie, The Liar and His Lover, as tonight’s date movie.


Set within music field, “Kanojo wa Uso o Aishisugiteru” depicts a love story between a 25-year-old sound engineer and 16-year-old high school student Riko, who possesses a gifted voice.

25-year-old sound engineer Aki (Takeru Sato) is a member of popular band “Crude Play,” but right after the band decides to make their major record début Aki quits the band. But, Aki provides his music to Crude Play under the name of producer Soichiro. Aki begins to date Riko (Sakurako Ohara), whose father runs a fruit and vegetable shop. Riko doesn’t know about Aki’s background, but she likes to listen to him hum. Riko is in a band herself, with childhood friend Yuichi and Sota. One day she is scouted by producer Soichiro. ~AsianWiki

My Thoughts

Takeru Sato! What can I say? Simply Superb.  Sakurako Ohara! Awesome. This movie is the first time I seen her in anything. Great Job.  I loved this movie and everything about it despite it being the 9 year age difference between an adult male and teenage girl.  That is the reason I chose this movie. I wanted this list to have a few variations on love. This is one of those forbidden loves when we look at it in reality terms.  I had to come out of my head before watching so I can enjoy this great movie.


( FYI: All the meals included in the Dinner & a Movie posts, we have eaten either at a restaurant or we have cooked at home as is or in different variations. The pictures are just for show as to give you an idea and are owned by either the specified blog where the recipe is located or a restaurant)


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