Let’s Have Some “Milktea” on Music Monday


The name is what caught my interest and the videos are what caught the interest of my 4-year-old son.  When he says “Again, Mommy”, that means he is going to thoroughly enjoy them to the end of time and the end of mommy’s nerves.  That is why Milktea takes the post this Monday.

Milktea was a sweet tooth full of sugar and spice and all things nice musically and visually since their debut in 2010.  They have matured right into a new vocal singer but members Ji Woo Young (guitar) and Remi (vocals) will always be the cutest duo ever.

More Mature with Kim Eun Kyo

Such Sweetness with Remi

Milktea with Remi



Even though Remi doesn’t seem part of Milktea anymore. She will be coming out with her first mini solo LP in May 2015 and the new Milktea LP will be out March 2015

Artist Info

Juice Media Records

Milktea Facebook



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