Love Insurance on Snooper Sunday

Got Love Insurance?

Once a couple decides to get married, there are so many things that they have to merge. They have to make sure their legal documents are well taken care of in the proper way.  Ladies have to change their last name. Some couples get joint accounts. The married couple has to make sure that their significant others are the responsible person to take care of things if something happens to the other. So much detail, so much time but it’s worth it right? You plan to be together FOREVER, right?

It seems a company in China decided to give incentives to couples that stay together for a predetermined time.  In 2013,  Singer Faye Wong and actor turned business man, Yapeng Li separated and sometime in early 2014, actor  Zhang Wen was caught cheating on his wife with fellow actress Di Yao.  Many netizens were quite upset and expressed they were losing hope in love. (Seriously, because 2 actors relationship is in the pits)

Seeing a great business deal, an insurance company in Xiamen came up with several packages of The Love Insurance. Yes, I said Love Insurance. It comes in six different packages ranging from 99 to  999,999 Chinese yuan (approximately US$15.90 to $161,020) and if the couple is together after 5 years, they will receive a payout in a lump sum that is more than their original premium payment.

Ummmm!!!! A reward for staying together for 5 years? That’s a thought.  It’s hard to stay together from day-to-day life. I don’t need more pressure. I wonder how many people have signed up.

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