Dinner & A Movie: 14 Days of Love 8

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There are times when you are going through a difficult moment and you hear a song that truly describes how you feel in that moment. I have such a song and even though I don’t listen to it that often because it brings back memories of that moment, it is still one of my favorite songs.  2NE1‘s If I Were You is an emotionally powerful song that once told of my heartbreak

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Dinner & A Movie: 14 Days of Love 8

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Our Sunday meals are usual spent at home. We rarely venture out on this day of the week. It’s a complete lazy day and that goes for our meals as well. Sunday meals consist of something quick. Something we don’t have to spend that much time preparing.  Before I started dating my yeobo, I only knew one way to use ramen noodles. Follow the directions on the package and add what ever ingredients you wanted. Since dating the yeobo, I have used ramen many ways and one of my favorite to date is the Noodle Chicken Salad Recipe found @MyRecipes.com (I use all the ingredients in this recipe).  Also since dating the yeobo, I have tried and fell in love with many different types of Korean teas and drinks. My favorite would have to be the omija tea, the five flavor tea.  Dessert takes the same quickness. Open and eat  🙂  One of my favorite Korean snacks has two of my favorite things, chocolate and sunflower seeds.  Lotte Sunflower Seed Chocolate ball. There is no recipe but there is a link to buy. If you are bold, I say give it a try.

Korean movie, Oasis 2002

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I don’t know why I want to watch this movie but the synopsis of the story caught my attention so why not give this 2002 Korean movie, Oasis, a chance? It looks like I am going to need my box of tissue. It seems like a tear-jerker.


Jong-du, a young man just out of prison for manslaughter, is a social misfit: fidgety, snuffling, laughing inappropriately, without a super ego. When released, he calls on the family of the victim; they send him away, but not before he has seen Gong-ju, a young woman disabled severely by cerebral palsy. Both are abused by their families, and both are used by them as well. Although their relationship begins with Jong-du’s criminal behavior, a friendship develops. They talk of favorite things; he washes her hair; they go out; in late night phone calls, he helps her past her fears of the dark. Is there a place in the world for these two inarticulate people?~IMDb

My Thoughts

It’s on the docket to watch later tonight because I am watching while typing looking at the Grammy Awards and dancing when a song calls me to dance.     🙂

( FYI: All the meals included in the Dinner & a Movie posts, we have eaten either at a restaurant or we have cooked at home as is or in different variations. The pictures are just for show as to give you an idea and are owned by either the specified blog where the recipe is located or a restaurant)


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