Friday’s EolJjang 2/6/2015

My pick this week tips the scales to overload in the cute and adorable category.  Along with being cute, he is hilarious. A guy after my chocolate heart.

Park Seo Joon is just all…….rainbows, fluffy cotton candy and awwwwwww’s

Park Seo Joon for GRAZIA magazine

It’s a treat to watch weekly alongside my favorite actor, Ji Sung, in Kill Me, Heal Me.  He has amazing comedic chemistry with Hwang Jung Eum.  He definitely one of the rising stars to watch and it doesn’t hurt at all that he can sing. Good looks and can sing. Works for me  😛

Flowers from Park Seo Joon

I am slowly coming out of denial that I have a thing for flower boys. It’s something about a pretty face and innocent look that gets me all the time. I would accept this flowers anytime for any reason.

UnionBay has Park Seo Joon

As I am sitting here gazing at his picture, I am reminded that I haven’t watched episode 10 of Kill Me, Heal Me.  Come watch with me every Wednesday and Thursday on MBC









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