Dinner & A Dinner: 14 Days of Love 6

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Korean Drama Quote from 49 Days

TGIF, Everybody! Thank God(or who ever you want) It’s Friday and for a much-needed weekend break. Well it’s a good day to hear the sweet voices of IU & Yi Jeong of History singing, See You on Friday.

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Dinner & a Movie: 14 Days of Love 6

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Yay! We must be feeling feisty again. Tonight’s menu is Thai themed and I love these dishes.  We start with a very easy recipe from the Thai Table blog,  Yum Sausage. It’s a salad with pork sausage and onions. I have made this plenty of times at home and sometimes I use andouille sausage for a Cajun flavor. Keeping in tune with the “Yum” meal, our main course is a Thai fusion dish, Tom Yum Spaghetti Recipe from Thai-Foodie. Italian goes well with any thing  😛  With this meal, I have chosen an American ale to compliment both dishes. Fulton Lonely Blonde has a mildly sweet but crisp taste. It goes lovely with spicy foods.  After finishing our meal, dessert is served. We are having Kiwi nam Kang Sai (Kiwi on ice). Lovers of the sweet and sour taste is truly going to love this dish.

More Than Blue

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I was in the mood for a melodrama tonight so I decided to choose a movie that has been on my “plan to watch” list forever and a day. ( the Yeobo is not thrilled but breakfast in bed is a compromise) Tonight’s movie is the 2009 S. Korean movie, More Than Blue or A Story Sadder Than Sadness.  Who would pass on a movie with Lee Bo Young , Lee Bum So and Kwon Sang Woo {gives yeobo the sarcastic eyes}


K (Kwon Sang Woo), a radio producer who loves a woman named Cream (Lee Bo Young), is told that he has only a few months left to live. Because he knows Cream’s biggest fear is to be left alone, he keeps his illness a secret and urges her to marry a guy named Ju-Hwan (Lee Bum So). One day, Cream announces that she is in love with Ju-Hwan. ~ AsianWiki

My Thoughts

OMG!! Why was I all in my feelings? This was one of the most beautifully sad  movies I have ever seen. That’s some deep love there.  I loved everything about this movie.  I love me some Lee Bo Young. That girl is baaaaad. If you overly sensitive and emotional, get a towel or a box of tissue ready because this is a tear jerker. I shedding tears like I was personally affected. Geeze, I am such a wuss.

( FYI: All the meals included in the Dinner & a Movie posts, we have eaten either at a restaurant or we have cooked at home as is or in different variations. The pictures are just for show as to give you an idea and are owned by either the specified blog where the recipe is located or a restaurant)


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