{Thoughts} Kill Me, Heal 7~8

May Contain Spoilers

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Kill Me Heal Me Episode 7 & 8

Kill Me, Heal Me is quickly moving to the half way mark still keeping us intrigued with mystery & suspense as well as it’s continual hilarious and awe-inspiring moments.  It’s safe to say that Ji Sung has cemented his place as one of the best Korean actors in history. I know for a fact that he would put some of our “top” actors in America out to pasture.

Kill Me Heal Me Episode 8

N-E -Whose,  The personality, Ahn Yo Na, stole the spotlight in Episode 8  but let’s tell the truth, she stole the spotlight last week. PERIOD. Do we really remember what happened before Yo Na emerged?  LOL!!

Kill Me Heal Me Episode 7 & 8

As we determined in Episode 6, Ahn Yo Sub emerges when Cha Do Hyun has given up hope and wants to end his suffering. Yo Sub is probably the most dangerous personality in my opinion. When everything seems to go against Do Hyun or when Do Hyun has hit rock bottom in the emotions department, Yo Sub gets all “woe is me” and contemplates death. Thank goodness, Oh Ri Jin contacted Do Hyun on her way to the States. She makes it in time to stop the teenager but not before being battered & bruised and taken to the limits emotionally when she frantically calls for Do Hyun to reappear. I was a total goner at that scene. I was crying uncontrollably at this point.

Kill Me Heal Me Episode 7 & 8

We are also getting closer to finding out the truth and so is Do Hyun and that is why there seems to be a steady emerging of his personalities. It was also revealed that Do Hyun’s mother and Grandmother knows about his DID.  I feel his mother keeps the secret from him out of concern and love ( I am hoping) & Grandmother Dearest keeps it for the most selfish reason, keeping control of the family business.  She is afraid of what the board will do if they find out about Do Hyun’s illness. Well, she better look behind her because her other grandson, Ki Joon, is quick on the heels of this particular family secret.

Kill Me Heal Me Episode 7 & 8

Speaking of Ki Joon, I need him to get a hold of his girlfriend, fiancé, contract wife, what ever the hell her title.  Chae Yeon is the typical second lead female. Jealous beyond sense at the fact the rich chaebol who use to pine for her isn’t pining for her any longer.  I haven’t experienced one in a while and it’s still annoying. What I really like most is that Do Hyun isn’t pulling punches with her.  He hasn’t told her the truth of the reason of pushing her away but he isn’t coddling her because of her emotions. He is reading her left and right. The truth hurts Chae Yeon doesn’t it? I didn’t like that he pulled Ri Jin into his love affair but I don’t think he realized in that moment that the truth is that Ri Jin IS YOUR WOMAN.

Kill Me Heal Me Episode 8

In episodes 7 & 8, Oh Ri Jin decides to stay on as Do Hyun’s secret doctor disguised as his secretary. Trust she isn’t happy about it at first but she dives in head first with learning each of the personalities and their characteristics. Do Hyun and his  Secretary get closer to discovering who is the infamous Omega writer and Oh Ri On gets closer to the subject of his next story and we get FINALLY get to meet Ahn Yo Na.

Kill me Heal Me Episode 7 & 8

Do Hyun tells Ri Jin that Yo Na is the manager of suffering because she forgives easily and doesn’t hold grudges but she is a 17-year-old girl who doesn’t like studying, is boy crazy and is an idol stalker. During a talk with Ri Jin’s brother, Oh Ri On, about one of Omega’s books. He goes in detail about the information about the boy and girl who were stuck in a basement and rescued during a fire. Do Hyun starts to show symptoms of a personality change and Ri On quickly gets him into the car and is met with a teenager girl with a major attitude. LOL

Kill Me Heal Me Episode 7 & 8

I really can’t describe the hilarity of the Yo Na scene. Ji Sung was AWESOME from the moment Yo Na woke up to the fight scene. He embodied a teenage girl who is lovestruck for one of her favorite members of a boy band.  You definitely have t0 check it out for yourself.  I have watched that scene so many times and it causes me to have the same reaction. Complete side hurting laughter.

Kill Me Heal Me Episode 7 & 8

When talking about Yo Na, we can’t leave out Ri Jin. She handled this feisty teenager like a boss. What makes you think she would let her get away with anything if she never let her brother get away. The fight scene is epic but I think some where down the line it will come to bite them in the ass since we live in a social media world and phones are everywhere.

Kill Me Heal Me Episode 7 & 8

After all the excitement with Yo Na, Do Hyun & Ri Jin  spend some time talking over drinks.  Do Hyun talks more about himself and comes to terms with certain situations. I think one of those things is his feelings for Oh Ri Jin. He finally feels that he has someone who cares enough to help him and stand beside him.  Ri Jin tells him she is there to heal every one that is inside of him so they can all be one. I am not sure he is worried about all that after seeing the kiss he laid on her at the end of episode 8.  I am pretty sure he is going have to fight Shin Se Gi and I am expecting see Se Gi very soon.





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