Music Monday has G. Soul

15 years? 15 years?   A debut that took 15 years in the making shows tremendous passion and determination.   This is a TRUE testament to the artistic craft and love of JYP’s  finally released artist, G.Soul .  He hit the ground running with is mini album release,Coming Home . 

If ya’ll ain’t ready, then it’s too late cuz G.Soul is kicking ass and ain’t taking names because his mission is to take KPOP to a new level and from the sounds of this album, that level has already begun to rise.

G. Soul

Today, I had to take the subway, which I am one of those that are fortunate not to do that often (Thank the LORT). Well on this treacherous adventure, I decided to plug my ears with some tunes because if not I would have had an assault case if the girl on the side of me popped her gum one mo’gin.  Any who,  I was getting ready to turn from radio to jam some TUPAC and I heard this….

After I heard that, I began frantically searching for the person who was giving me life through my Android AND THEN….. I saw him and he was singing a powerful ballad and I think I am in love again.

I found an article where J.Y. Park spoke  about his excitement for  G.Soul spoke high praises for his new release.  I included the link to the an article that gives a brief background of the obstacles G.Soul endured during his 15 years to breakout.  This baby has been through it and still persevered to make his dream a reality.  That alone has made me a fan and makes him the third K~artist to have me  overly excited for future new releases. (Jay Park & 2NE1 are the others)

JYP 's G. Soul

Okay one more, one more.  I found that he done some covers of songs that I love.  I am really loving this one almost more than the original.

Artist Info

Homepage:  :: G. Soul ::

Facebook: G.Soul Official

Download Music:  @iTunes   @YESASIA



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