Dinner & A Movie: 14 Days of Love 2

Love Quote

Drama Quote from the Korean Drama, The Master's Sun

Yoon Gun’s, I Love You to Death from the 2013 Korean drama,  Prime Minister and I OST sets our romantic mood for our second Dinner & a Movie: 14 Days of Love date.

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Beyond Kimchee's Korean Pork Belly and Tiramisu with Fox Barrel's Blackberry Pear Cider

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Our Chef Holly, from Beyond Kimchee, has prepared a delicious Oven Roasted Korean Pork Belly sided with an onion salad and lettuce wraps. I recommend a bottle of Fox Barrel’s Blackberry Pear Cider to add a taste of sweetness to savor with your meal.  Chef Holly has also prepared a scrumptious non-alcoholic Strawberry Kiwi Tiramisu for tonight’s dessert.

My DNA says I Love You

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Playing on the screen tonight is the 2007 Taiwanese movie, My DNA Says I Love You.  Let’s get under this blanket because it’s hella cold outside  and press play.


Gigi and Marlene, two single women both in their late 20’s, work at a bio-technology company, researching and developing medicine to suppress specific genes and observe their effects on the human body. Gigi is born with the “clean-freak” gene and her obsession with keeping things tidy causes problems in her relationships. Marlene, however, is born with the “fat gene” and needs to regularly take pills to maintain her weight. Marlene panics when she learns that her “anti-fat” pills will be taken off the market. Their personal problems coincide with romantic ones. Marlene grows frustrated maintaining her long-distance relationships via the Internet, and Gigi leaves her boyfriend when she discovers he’s cheating on her. One day, Gigi meets Anteater, her college sweetheart, and they start dating again. Things are going well, and Gigi just cannot remember why she had broken up with Anteater until the day they are about to consummate their passion, Gigi discovers Anteater’s terrible secret — he is a first-rate slob! Meanwhile, Marlene is oblivious of the feelings Teddy, the landlord’s son, has for her. Realizing that their own genetic make-up is the cause of their relationship issues, Gigi and Marlene decide to take an “anti-clean gene” pill. Gigi and Marlene no longer care about their own appearances, but will the two women find true love and happiness without the help of technology? ~IMDb

My Thoughts

I didn’t particularly care for it. The acting was okay but the comedic tone fell short in my opinion.  It just wasn’t as funny as this plot should have been.  This movie falls into my category of ” If there is nothing else to watch, I give it a shot.


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