Dinner & A Movie: 14 Days of Love 1

It’s February 1st and I am feeling all lovely- dovey because Valentine’s Day will soon be here so I came up with a Dinner & Movie theme for each day leading up to that special day.  So let’s enjoy some music while we sit at our table set for two. Talk and get cozy over dinner, dessert & drink  and later we’ll cuddle up for a movie about love.

Love Quote

Drama Quote from the Korean Drama, Love Rain

Tonight’s music selection is by the lovely Baek Ji Young. She will be singing her new song, Because of You, off of the Hyde, Jekyll, Me OST

Download @K2Nblog.com  &  Lyrics @pop!gasa

Our menu consists of a nice grilled Sweet & Spicy Sriracha glazed Salmon with Japanese noodles with Shimeji mushrooms served with a bottle of Phelps Creek un-oaked Chardonnay. Dessert will be Patbingsu (Korean shaved ice with sweet toppings such as chopped fruits, condensed milk, fruit syrup, and red bean paste but there are many variations). I know it’s a summer dessert but I eat ice cream and snow cones during the winter so this has been a yearly thing since I started dating my Yeobo.

Dinner & A Movie Day 1

Please click the menu names and they will take you to the recipe site

Tonight’s  featured movie is the 2006 Japanese Movie, Love On Sunday not to be mistaken with Love On Sunday: Last Words.

Love On A Sunday

Click the Movie poster to be taken to movie link


Akira had to transfer schools upon graduation because of her father’s job. She was reluctant to move because of her secret love for Nao, a childhood friend. Nao, however, is head over heels for Tamaki. A farewell party is planned for Akira. She had longed to spend the last day with Nao, but oblivious to Akira’s feelings, he invites Tamaki to the party instead. An argument ensues at the party, prompting Akira to leave. Akira cannot forgive Tamaki for playing with Nao’s feelings. Then, a senior member of Akira’s archery club and Tamaki’s former boyfriend, Gaku comes into the picture. ~taken from IMDb


The Yeobo and I will be settling down a bit later to watch this movie.  Tonight was the night that football fans look forward and that event was THE SUPERBOWL.  We held a small gathering at the loft while we screamed, moaned, danced, and talked major shyt to the LOSERS!!!  I am still dancing because my team, NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS are the winners. YAY!!!! I DON’T care about no deflategate. LOL. After I finish this post and clean up this mess, we will be watching and I will update this post with my thoughts.





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