Friday’s EolJjang 1/30/2015

This was an easy pick this week because it he was supposed to be last weeks pick but my Sung Joon quickly took that spot when I laid eyes on him:) but this week’s pick is exceptionally easy on the eyes especially when he gives that 10,000 watt smile that seems to produce the deepest and one of the most adorable dimples in Korea that gives my favorite dimpled cutie a run for his money.

This week’s pick is  none other than…… Hyun Bin

Hyun Bin for CINE21

I think Hyun Bin is a wonderful actor but my preference for him is being my eye candy in every magazine pictorial that he can grace the pages with his gorgeous self.  It probably wouldn’t matter if he couldn’t act because his looks will call me to any screen he appears.  Prime example.  My # 1 eye candy is Song Seung Hun. If I had extreme stalker like tendencies , I would be on a FBI list because of Song Hun, that is just about how much love that man but I don’t think he is that great of an actor. I can only give him a passable grade.

Hyun Bin for CINE21

I have a special PC folder containing a huge amount of Hyun Bin photos but this CINE21. magazine issue no. 950 is my favorite of ALL time. He is so debonair and charming. He emits sophistication and sex appeal without any effort.  Good Lawd!!! This man is gorgeous.

You can get a look at him weekly (as I do) on the now airing Hyde,Jekyll, Me every Wednesday and Thursday on SBS


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