{Thoughts} Kill Me, Heal Me Ep 5 & 6

May Contain Spoilers

Kill Me, Heal Me Episode 5

Episodes 5 and 6 finds our main characters in a bit of confusion and panic. There are A LOT of feelings coming to the surface for our battling personalities and their object of desire but neither knows who desires who.

I find it hilarious that the state of urgency for Se Gi and his “out” time tends to hinge on reckless behavior and not so pleasant social skills. I need him to learn the power of “please and thank you” Maybe he will get a bit more play from Oh Ri Jin.

Kill Me, Heal Me Episode 5

Se Gi does something that is probably out of character for him. He is concerning himself with someone else’s wants and needs. He is desperately trying to find out what would make Ri Jin happy and want to choose him.  That’s what it seems to be on the surface but if we go with my over analyzing, I feel that he is trying to bring her memories to the surface because his main statement to her in the past episodes has been “you called me“.  Clues are pointing to Do Hyun and Ri Jin are the children that were locked in the basement and “Se Gi” may have been the personality to protect them both.  The funniest part of this scene is the Beauty and Beast reference. (the poster)

Perry Park, Hell Yeah

I was ecstatic when my hunny, Perry Park, showed up for a bit.  I  am definitely a part of the  small but growing fan base for this particular personality.  All Perry wants to do is have a bit of fun, dress in these gawd awful clothes and have a few drinks. He isn’t out long but he is memorable as every.Peeeerrrry Paaaaarkkk. Yes!  Seriously, one of the other personalities needs to teach him how to drive as well as park a car. That is really unacceptable for a 40-year-old man 🙂

Kill Me, Heal Me  Episode 5 and 6

Yay!! We get to see our main character’s interact passionately with 1 1/2 kisses. (I am having flashbacks from the drama, Secret Love)  Se Gi showed some vulnerability while on his “date”. He shared his feelings with Ri Jin and from the looks of it, Dr. Jin was a bit overwhelmed with some type of emotion. Clearly, we see Se Gi and Dr. Jin kiss but who is it that was shedding  tears.  Because no sooner than the tears fell,  Cha Do Hyun emerged. Knowing that Se Gi and Do Hyun are starting to share co-consciousness, it can only get more confusing on who is feeling who. Hell, Do Hyun is trying to figure out whose heart beat is beating for Ri Jin and She is trying to figure the opposite so I don’t feel that lost.

Kill Me Heal Me Ep 6

Episode 6, you will find the 1/2 kiss that Cha Do Hyun chickens out and Oh Ri Jin is not happy about it.  She is ready to find out who her heart beats for so she takes an aggressive approach but is interrupted by big/little brother who made me lose my drink when he started yelling for his Mom.  An aggressive female in Korean dramas doesn’t happen to often when it comes to skin ship but I like it 🙂 It was hilarious. Hwang Jung Eum is winning me over with her over the top comedic skill.

Kill Me Heal Me ep 6

Episode 6 also has its shares of misunderstanding, threats, and blow offs.  Do Hyun finds out that Se Gi asks Oh Ri Jin to help put him in permanent sleep and now he doesn’t trust her. He tests her to see if she would come if Se Gi called for her after Do Hyun had warned her about him being dangerous. I guess in Do Hyun mind, she failed so he gives her an option be his secret physician for 3 months and help get rid of Se Gi.

She is exasperated with both personalities and she seeks guidance from her mentor who gives his solid advice to stay away and go to the states to study. She accepts and calls to say her goodbyes to Do Hyun and wish him well but in contact with the suicidal personality, Ahn Yo Sub, who gives her an hour to find him before he ends them all.

Kill Me Heal Me Episode 6

I see Yo Sub emerges when Do Hyun gets tired of fighting and wants to give up.  Do Hyun was feeling neglected and tricked when Ri Jin didn’t choose him and felt  hi back against the wall when Cha Ki Joon gave him some friendly information about the hospital and doctor that he is affiliated. I am wishing Se Gi knocks the spit outta Ki Joon. He was on my nerves the moment he hit the screen.

I assume that all the personalities knows of the traumatic events that need to be hidden from Do Hyun but I am anxious to know what part they play in helping him survive. I really want to know who is Mister X? There is one personality that keeps all the others in place and will step in when a major need arises.  I really can’t wait to meet the sassy twin of Yo Sub. Wonder how Ji Sung is going to portray that one.

Thoughts for Episode 7 & 8 will be up soon. I have to wait for both episodes to be subbed so I can watch them back to back.  It’s hard but I know the joy when I can just hit for the next episode. LOL


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