Music Monday “From The Airport”

This Music Monday is a dedication of sorts.  My mind was quickly changed from my original pick for this week after getting off the phone with my friends that are stranded at an airport.  We are facing possible blizzard conditions from Mr. Winter Storm Juno that will may cause between 2 to 4 feet of snow that is due to hit New York and surrounding North Eastern now until Wednesday.

Enough about that, I was speaking of my stranded friends that were trying to get here (New York) for a visit before the shut downs but no luck, they are stuck in an airport until further notice so my dedicated request is to feature their favorite indie band, From The Airport.

From The Airport

I never heard of this band until a few minutes ago so I had to do a quick search and a quick listen.  They remind me of an 80’s electro/new wave rock band such as Devo, Tears for Fears, or Depeche Mode.  Please don’t confuse my remembrance as me saying they sound anything like those bands I just mentioned, it’s just the kinda feel that I get when I listen to them and that is a good thing because 80’s music is my favorite genre of music. LOVE LOVE IT.

From the Airport

From the Airport consists of Milo (Producing, Guitar, Bass, Keys, Vocals) and Zee (Producing, DJ, Drums, Keys, Vocals), a duo that debuted together in 2012 with the release of their first single, Colors (Oct 2012)  and then a few months later with, Everyone’s Alright (Jan. 2013) & Timelines (Apr. 2013)

This duo seems to be on the fast track to stardom being set apart from their individual accomplishments.  They released their first mini EP, Chemical Love in Feb 2014 with the title track, Chemical Love.

Now I can’t say as of right this moment that I am a fan of From the Airport or even if I will become a fan but they did get a like from me on their first full album, You Could Imagine, released Jan. 9th 2015.  I am admitting that I have played many times while typing this post.

As I close so I can cozy up to one of my favorite people while doing a marathon of the Kdrama, Pinocchio, during this cold and snowy weather. I want to give a special dedication to my good friends. I wish you a safe and warm stay in that crowded airport as well as safe travels until you get here in my personal space and I can see for myself that the both of you are OK.

Band Info

From The Airport Website





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