A 6 yr old hero on Snooper Sunday

In today’s world, it seems that good news takes a back seat to the cruel, tragic and horrific news we are getting daily.  Today I was in need of some “feel good & shed tears of joy” news.  I read this article a few days ago via DramaFever and I instantly knew I wanted to share this with you all.

Wang Xin-Yin (girl) and Wang Yue-Long (boy)

Friends now, Couple later? 🙂

Six year Old’s, Wang Xin-Yin (left) and Wang Yue-Long (right) are best friends who love to hang out together.  One day after school, they went to visit a friend’s home but when they arrived, their friend wasn’t there so as they headed back home, they spotted a pond and decided to play there for a while.  As they were throwing dirt into the pond, Wang Yue Long slipped into the water and Wang Xin Yin reached and grabbed his hand but didn’t have enough strength to pull him up so she just held on to him so he wouldn’t sink futher. She called for help but no one was around. Her mother noticed it was getting dark and there was no sign of Xin Yin so she searched until she heard a low and hoarse voice and followed it to the pond. Xin Yin had held on to Yue Long for 40 minutes.

Xin Yin and Yue Long at the pond

Can you imagine those two children in that type of situation? I am just amazed at how much sense she had to grab on to her friend and to continue holding him until some one found them.  When I read this article, it just touched me and reminds me that children learn from what they are taught and what they see.  They have an untainted view on life and reality. They are naturally compassionate and loving.  They are not affected by the minor differences in people.  I am sure Xin Yin doesn’t understand the depth of what she had done. In her mind, she helped her friend so he wouldn’t get hurt and when he gets better, they will be able to hang together again.

I love feel good stories and they are even better when they are about children. For a more indepth look,  DramaFever or SCnews



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