Friday’s EolJjang 1/23/2015

This week has been filled with multiple personalities, extreme blushing, & cursed princes but through it all, I have been reunited with my Joonie baby.

That would be Bang Sung Joon better known as Sung Joon!  This week’s choice for best face 🙂

My Joonie baby

Since I spotted him in Lie to Me and he became my second “second lead syndrome”, I have had this small but growing crush. I get excited every time I hear he is in a new drama.  So to answer any questions, I am definitely watching Hyde, Jekyll & Me.

Joonie baby in Vogue Girl

I recently seen the movie, Horror Stories 2, that included a segment with Joon and my forever bias, Lee Soo Hyuk.  That turned out being my favorite only because I was able to stare and drool for 30 minutes over 2 of my favorite guys.  Come On, you can’t tell me that you don’t see why a girl would fangirl over this Asian cutie?

Sudsy Joonie

Last but never least, Bath time would be so wonderful and bubbles never looked so refreshing  ;P


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