{My Thoughts} Kill Me,Heal Me 3~4

May Contain Spoilers

Ji Sung as Perry Park

We get to meet a new personality in episode 3 and what a BIG personality.  Perry Park is the 2nd alter to emerge and he helps out in a big way to save Oh Ri Jin from the gangsters that Shin Se Gi took down in episode 1. Poor Alters! They work hard to get Do Hyun out of Se Gi’s mischief.

Kill Me, Heal Me Episode 3

What we know of Perry is that he loves bombs, boats, and flowered shirts. I can imagine him living in Florida on a yacht near the ocean drinking some tropical drink while having a secret lair full of explosive materials.  I won’t call it yet but I think he may be my favorite next to bad boy Se Gi.

Kill Me, Heal Me Episode 3

I was glad to see Park Seo Joon get a little more screen time in these two episodes. I’m hoping that he gets more as the story line progresses.  I am enjoying how the writers are portraying the “twins” close relationship. This above scene had me rolling. How dumb are the “gangstas  & thug fo life” to walk smack dab in the room full of police officers who immediately went into roll call when Oh Ri On revealed the drugs hidden in the jacket Se Gi stole from the gangsters. I couldn’t stop laughing. Big Dummies.

Kill Me, Heal Me Episode 3

Episode 3 & 4 doesn’t waste any time in having Oh Ri Jin catch on to Cha Do Hyun’s Illness.  She sees the change and immediately puts everything together when Do Hyun comes to after being knocked out. She tries to find out his name but it’s no time for that. They have to get out before the warehouse explodes.  I was a bit disappointed that Perry Park wasn’t out long enough to see that one of his bombs didn’t fail but how else would our host, Do Hyun save the day and gain the affection of the doctor.

Kill Me, Heal Me Episode 3

It’s kinda of sad that Do Hyun has to continuously apologize for the danger and mistakes that “the others” create and equally sad that he endures this illness alone with the exception of Secretary An Gook.  Which brings me to my thoughts of his opportunistic and emotionally draining family.

Kill Me, Heal Me Episode 3

We are starting to get insight about the tension inthe family. The hateful ass grandmother resents Do Hyun for his father choosing to save his him instead of himself. (Save him from what, I wonder) What kind of mess is that? The contempt she shows Do Hyun is despicable.  The only reason she tolerates Do Hyun is  because he is the heir to the company an demands he work to keep the company in the family hands until his father comes back to the company. Well from the looks of it, Old Papa Cha isn’t coming back any time soon since he is coma. I wish someone will bitch slap this granny.  She is really conniving but it  seems she has met her match in Do Hyun’s mother. She knows some juicy secrets that could destroy the family and it seems that those secrets has to do with those quick flash backs that Do Hyun has seen.

Kill Me, Heal Me Episode 3

Do Hyun and Ri Jin FINALLY have a formal introduction.  He knows she is a psychiatrist and she has confirmation about his condition. It was the sweetest introduction but a bit heartbreaking. The emotions that Ji Sung conveyed were great.  I was a bit teary eyed when he was able to claim his “real self” to her. It seemed to be a huge weight lifted that he could say that out loud.

Kill Me, Heal Me Episode 4

They are not slowing down in episode 4 either,  Shin Se Gi is growing stronger and he is starting to  control Do Hyun’s emotions without going through some type of physical change.  Do Hyun knows something is different when he briefly sees Se Gi as if he is inside his own body and figures out that Oh Ri Jin is the one that Se gi likes and tells her she is in danger and to stay away from him.

Kill Me, Heal Me Episode 4

They are showcasing each personalities quickly in either every episode or every other episode. I hope that spend a bit of time on each person.  In episode 4, Nana makes it known that she has been out but we haven’t  met her yet and it seems Do Hyun is becoming aware of more alters that he is not aware of. I can’t wait to find out what type of trauma he had gone through as a child and who was the cause of it.  Right now, I am highly suspecting the grandmother.  I am hoping that it was her so they can put her old ass away. Can you tell I don’t like her?

Kill Me Heal Me Episode 4

Still loving the drama so far but I have to admit, I am always anxious to see Shin Se Gi. Something about Ji Sung in eyeliner and this red coat. It is giving me life and many squeees.  It is clear that Oh Ri Jin doesn’t get life from Se Gi. He is the bane of her existence and it’s going to be dangerously delightful to see Se Gi and Do Hyun go head to head over her.





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