Snooper Sunday finds Handimals

I’m back from my short little trip. Thought I would have been up from my nap in time to post on Sunday but it’s just a few minutes after midnight. I will still consider it Sunday,only if you will 🙂

Seems I am still on an art theme because what I found fascinating has done with body art. Specially hands and arms.  Guido Daniele is an Italian artist whose genre is hyper realism illustration.  In 1990, he added body painting to his résumé and many of his works has been seen in advertising, commercials, exhibits and fashion events but  in 2000, he gained an international interest in his handimals portraits and exhibitions.

Handimals by Guido Daniele

There are many gorgeous photos of the different type of animals and other non-animal but I have chosen to show my favorite 4.

Handimals by Guido Daniele

Handimals by Guido Daniele

Handimals by Guido Daniele

They are so realistic that you have to take a second glance to make sure those are hands.  Check out his website to see more  awesome handimals and body art.

Guido Daniele Previous Site

Guido Daniele New Site


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