{My Thoughts} Kill Me, Heal Me 1 ~2

May Contain Spoilers

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I should first say that this is NOT a recap.  My attention span is worst than my 4-year old son and my viewing schedule is sporadic.  So the best I can give is my ramblings about what I like and dislike about the upcoming episodes. Fair warning: The ramblings can be coherent most of the time but if I get too involved….. enter at your own risk… LOL!

Kill Me Heal Me Poster 4 (frame added by me)

Ji Sung as Cha Do Hyun in Kill Me, Heal Me

Cha Do Hyun ~The main

If you haven’t heard about MBC’s drama Kill Me Heal Me, you have been lost deep in the jungle of Tibet (Is there a jungle in Tibet?) or if you haven’t heard the women across Kdrama land fawn, drool, & swoon over the thought of experiencing Ji Sung in guy liner, you are a fraud about your love for kdramas. LOL!!   I admit I am one of those women that have drooled at the thought of Ji Sung playing a bad boy AGAIN.

The première episodes gives us an introduction into the main players of Cha Do Hyun’s life. In episode 1, we get to experience a very thrilling and satisfying college life that Do Hyun is leading in the States until he gets into an altercation that releases his dominant alter, Shin Se Gi.  It seems Se Gi emerges when Do Hyun goes through some type of traumatic physical altercation.  What I like most about première is that we are quickly introduced to a personality and to the fact that Do Hyun is aware of his Dissociative Identity Disorder. We don’t have to wait until midway to see some action.

Meeting Shin Se Gi

We witness the zany behavior of our resident twin siblings, Oh Rin Jin (Jang Eum) & Oh Rin On (Seo Joon) but not biologically? Can’t wait for them to explain this strange relationship. I could have sworn in episode 1, I seen him peeking at her with some longing in his eyes. Could be me but it was suspect.  Oh Rin Jin is a psychiatrist and will soon be the secret doctor for Cha Do Hyun and the object of obsession for Shin Se Gi.   If the writers play their cards right, this can be extremely complicated as well as splendid hijinks.

The Twins, Oh Rin Jin & Rin On

Oh Rin On is a ghost writer. He seems to be more infamous than famous but time will tell what role he plays in Do Hyun’s life. By looking at the evidence of his extensive notes and photos, he seems to have Do Hyun as the subject of his next book, maybe or could he be researching for someone else? I was a bit upset that Seo Joon didn’t have that much screen time in either episodes. Hopefully that will change. I don’t need another case of Lee Bum Soo in Triangle.

Major Players

Since Se Gi took over Chaebol Do Hyun’s body and returned all of them to Korea, the première episodes revealed some key characters that will be wheeling and dealing in the business world as Do Hyun is set to resume Vice President duties at the company.  Seo Tae Im (bottom left, Kim Young Ae) is the matriarch of the family and seems to have a very strained with relationship with her grandson, Shin Hwa Ran (top right, Shim Hye Jin) is Do Hyun’s mother. From the looks of the conversation in episode 1, she isn’t permitted to lay claim to her own son. What in the hell kinda freak show is going on there? An Gook (top left, Choi Won Young) is Do Hyun’s consort. He tends to have his back at the most important times and has his best interest at heart. Cha Young Pyo ( botton left, Kim Il Woo) has some authority at the company, I am not sure if he is the President or the Vice but he seems to think Do Hyun is after his position. I am sure the corruption schemes are going to be happening real soon and Shin Se Gi and company will be handling those issues as they occur.

Major players1

I left these two off the first grid because they have a more personal relationship with Do Hyun. Han Chae Yeon (Kim Yoo Ri) is Do Hyun’s long time crush. He has never confessed his feelings for her but I think deep down she knows and is playing two guys with the other guy being Cha Ki Joon (Oh Min Suk). I am not sure how far back Do Hyun and Ki Joon go but it’s far enough for him to know that Do Hyun has been weak in his feelings for Chae Yeon and has some hidden problems. I am not sure if he is aware of exactly what those problems are but I am already suspecting him as being the culprit of wanting evidence from Oh Rin On.

Ji Sung as Shin Se Gi

Episode 2 was a continuation giving us more in-depth into the main characters. We get to see the rousing stalker moves that Shin Se Gi has for Rin Jin.  Only for entertainment purpose will you have a plethora of womdn go limp because a gorgeous bad boy has hopped on a motorcycle and chased you down in a fleeing taxi cab (yes, I said fleeing because Rin Jin was running for her life) and winked that beautiful eye liner laced eye at you then continues to stalk you to your job and forcibly grab you and tries to make you leave with him while saying things you have no understanding because in reality, I would buy a gun and wait for my life sentence.

Do Hyun has had it with Se Gin after he threatened his previous doctor and found out that he has plans to take over the body permanently.  He puts a plan in motion to keep Se Gin at bay while he begins work at the company. He gets a bit too comfortable thinking his plan has worked until he gets a disturbing call that the psychiatrist that he has had several encounters and  happens to be the love of Se Gi life is in danger because of the shenanigans of Se Gi’s night out. He has no choice but to force Se Gi out but Perry Park, the  uni-bomber evolves.

Kill Me Heal Me Poster 1

I enjoyed both episodes but for me it didn’t live up to the hype that I had in my head.  I am looking for the same intense chemistry that they had in “Secret”.  Now I am not saying that there was no chemistry because it was some serious emotion there but not explosive like I had wanted.  I know it’s just the first two episodes and with these two it can only get better and that is something I am looking forward. The other complaint is that I can do without the special and visual effects of his transformation into his other alters.  The reappearing and disappearing tattoo, the laser changing of the eyes & the physical  pain undergoes is a bit too much for me and almost makes it unbelievable. Other than that, I am anxious to see how the story and how an experienced actor such as Ji Sung handles all the alters. I already see that Perry Park is going to be a riot in episode 3.


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