Testing on Watch It Wednesday.

The title is a bit too long to add to the main title so “Testing” seem like a logical step to add 🙂 other than that, I was in the mood for spending some time with my Japanese bias, Haruma Miura  & my bi-cultural sweetie, Yu Shirota in Murder Standard Score 70 (Satsujin Hensachi 70), a 2014 Japanese drama special.

Murder Standard Score 70

Murder Standard Score 70 has a really basic plot but it’s the unraveling that pulls you into the entire story.  Keisuke Miyahara (Haruma Miura) overslept on the day he was to take the entrance exam to get into Tokyo University. Having already failed the exam twice, he knows he won’t make it in time and becomes frantic in trying to figure a way to gain entrance. He remembers a news story about a serial bomber so he emails a bomb threat to the University.  Unbelievable, it works and he is able to take the test and pass on the third try.  unbeknownst to him a fellow student who failed, Hiroshi Tanaka (Yu Shirota) figured out his scheme and what unfolds is tragic.

My Thoughts (May contain Spoilers)

{scratches head} The best thing about this drama movie is Haruma Miura.  The next would be the cinematography and visual aspect. Other than that, it was okay. Nothing really spectacular that I would watch this again. It is good for a one time viewing.

The final outcome I didn’t expect but midway(maybe before) through the story it became predictable and quite easy to figure out what direction the story was moving but because of the great acting of the cast, you were kept intriguing to continue on that venture.

It’s a psychological thriller that could have went much deeper and darker as well as explain the reason for the main character’s break with reality.  It left me with some questions such as Did he suffer some type of mental breakdown before this episode, Did he have some type of anger issues? There was more but at some point, I just thought I was going over thinking this character and pretty much the damn movie.

The soundtrack wasn’t memorable but for the ending song that I have been desperately trying to find.  I guess having the song title or artist name would be a perfect way to find it LOL!!!  Don’t judge me.. LOL!!

I give this movie 5_Star_Rating_System_3_and_a_half_stars


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