eAeon’s on Music Monday

I didn’t know how hard  it was going to be for me NOT to choose artists that are already on my favorites list but it is extremely hard because I’ve listened to a bunch of “new to me” artists and not many thoroughly impressed me but at the last moment a gem shines bright  🙂

As I was listing through an eternity of songs on the boyfriend’s player, a sound FINALLY made me take notice and it was suggested that I check out the MV of the song.  IN LOVE with the song and the singer. He is cuuuuute!!

and he is……… eAeon of Mot

eAeon of Mot

As I type this, I am listening to Bulletproof, the song that perked my ears. I am singing badly but in my mind I KNOW every word and the pronunciation is awwwwesome.

If I hadn’t discovered him today, I probably would never come across him because I tend to stay away from the electronica genre of music. The few artists that I do like happened by chance. The chance that I went clubbing with some friends and found myself a bit tipsy in a place that caters to that type music.  (It’s true, liquor lowers inhibitions. LOL )  Even though I tend to stay away, eAeon draws me in with the way his voice molds and mimics with the vibration of the melodies. Every song that I have heard thus far, oozes with emotions. I may not understand the words but I understand and feel the lyrically deep meanings and I immediately know that I have felt that certain emotion at one time or another in my life.

At the moment, I am drawn into this song as well . The symbolism is flowing all through this MV. He must need a lot of strength because Milk is the star of this drama.

OMG!!! OMG!!!  He did a duet with Lena Park. OMG!!! OMG!!!.  I was just about to close YouTube when I saw their name and I think I made have just heard the songs of angels.  I love me some Lena Park and now I love me some them (Lena Park & eAeon). You can’t tell this song isn’t one of the most beautiful songs EVER.

Tell ’em Lena…. You Don’t Know Me.








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