Friday’s EolJjang 1/9/2015

This week’s pick was changed at the last-minute. It changed because of an event that I attended today. The event was a sort of reunion party for the children who were in the foster system and those who are still a part of the system here in New York.  Many of the children that were in attendance are were recently adopted and the one in particular was my little sister through  the Big Brothers & Big Sisters organization.  This was my inspiration for my choice this week.  ALL the babies featured in the  past and present Letter From Angels pictorials .

Letters From Angels ~ Yeo Jin Goo

This is my favorite photo. Those toothy grins are giving me life and smiles *Yeo Jin Goo*

The Letters From Angels project was started in 2003 by Photographer Cho Sei Hon to bring attention to the Korean Foster System in hopes to garner more adoptions.  In my opinion, I think it was a wonderful idea to use Korean celebrities being photographed with these cute bundles of joy. I would have not known about this project if it wasn’t for me seeing my bias, Lee Soo Hyuk, giving me fierce right along with a little punkin giving me the same look 🙂

Letters From Angels ~ Lee Soo Hyuk

I am not sure who is out shining who? But *Lee Soo Hyuk* holding a baby is making my fangirl come out strong.

SeoulBeats had a more in-depth article about the circumstances revolving around the adoption and foster system in Korea. Most of the comments I read have been positive in favor of using Korean idols and actors as photo spokesperson but I am sure just as there are positives there are many negative opinions as well.

Letters From Angels ~ BEAST

Loving this photo just as much as the first. Look at those faces:) *BEAST*

I find it so attractive when I see men holding and smiling at babies or toddlers. These pictures make me appreciate my son’s father and my boyfriend so much more.  My son is surrounded my men that has his best interest at heart and I wish that all the children that are part of the foster system will soon having a loving and loyal family that will have their best interest at here.

Letters From Angels ~

Not sure who is holding this baby but that chubby baby is just so squishy cute

There are so many gorgeous pictures taken by Cho Sei Hon and it was truly hard to choose from but don’t take my word for it, just type in Letters from Angels and you will see the abundance of male & female celebrities and cutest babies.

Letters From Angels ~ CNBlue

Look at that baby. Truly outshines the *CNBlue* guys

It takes a lot to draw attention away from our Korean cuties but when it comes to babies and children, there is no comparison to the smiles that the little ones can put on our faces.


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