Going 10cm on Music Monday

I am going to let you all in on a little secret. My go to on experiencing new indie artists is the café/coffeehouse playlists on 8tracks.  While I cruise the net, I just sit and listen until a sound catches my attention and then I will go and listen to other songs by that certain artist and from there, I will decide if this is an artist that I can appreciate and add to my ever-growing music loving catalog.  This is what happened when I heard the indie band, 10cm.

10cm: Kwon Jung Yeol and Yoon Cheol Jong

10cm is composed of Kwon Jung Yeol (main vocalist & djembe ) & Yoon Chul Jong (guitar). The meaning of the group name is the difference of height between the two guys. I love it. Hell I am falling in love with them with every song that I hear.

Jung Yeol’s voice is so melodic and add that with acoustic type instruments and you just have eargasms for days. I have yet to find a song I don’t like. Chul Jong’s guitar playing is so smooth and relaxing. I can just imagine myself at some island enjoying some fruity drinks and a sunny breeze.

10cm: Kwon Jung Yeol & Yoon Cheol Jong

The first song that had me smitten with 10cm was Love in the Milky Way Cafe.  Why wouldn’t I love a song that includes a candy bar I like and the relaxing place I love to visit weekly.

This next song has made it on my weekday morning mix. This is the mix of songs that gets my day started from the moment I wake up until I arrive at work.  I can’t imagine no one liking hugs. So I gladly reciprocate when asked “Hug Me“.

Just about every day, I listen to their new Cd,10cm – 3집 3.0 (3rd Album), that was released Nov. 11, 2014.  There is not one song that I don’t like.  Over 35 minutes of goodness.

More Info


10cm group page

10cm wiki

Purchase 10cm items @YesAsia

* I think I am becoming a superfan 😉  *


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