Snooper Sunday is Raging over Nuts

I know that this is old news but every time I hear more information about the “Nut Rage” incident, where the former executive of Korean Air went cuckoo over some macadamia nuts, I just get even more flabbergasted.

Cho Hyun Ah (Heather Cho)

You should have heard about the former executive, Cho Hyun Ah,also known as Heather Cho, who threw a HUGE fit over being served a bag of macadamia nuts instead of them being served on a plate. A fit so huge that on December 5, 2014, she forced a Korean Airplane to return to the J.F.Kennedy Airport gate in New York to have the head flight attendant thrown off causing a late departure by 20 minutes and late arrival by 11 minutes.  I am pretty sure we can imagine the berating and intimidation that the flight attendants had to go through for failing to follow an asinine rule.  In some reports, I have read that Ms. Heather (sarcastic tone given) had the attendants kneeling with bowed heads while she grilled them about company rules.

Heather Cho (Cho Hyun Ah)

Well, Ms Cho,  you have lost your job, ALL your position titles, your dignity, AND your freedom. Yes!! Ms. Cho has been arrested over the now infamous “nut rage” incident and  further adding more embarrassment to your father who had to bow and apology once before to the public for not raising his children in the right way.

It seems the commoners of South Korea are starting to get a bit tired of the High, Rich & Mighty who think because they have money that they rule the entire world.

Lesson to be learned from this story: Take them damn bag of nuts, Shut up, and eat them. Unless you are allergic, just throw the damn bag away.

Korean Air flight delayed over Nut incident

Korean Air’s “Nut Rage” Executive Has Been Arrested


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