Friday’s EolJjang 1/2/15

I definitely have to get use to seeing the number 2015 but it’s New Year and a new crop of EolJjang’s.  I have set a resolution to TRY and stay away from choosing from my personal eye candy list but I already know that is the going to be the biggest FAIL of 2015 . LOL!

Staying true to my resolution for once, my first pick for the new year goes to someone I thought was cute and a good actor but because he was appearing on the screen with someone on my eye candy list, he was lost in translation but since I finally seen the first two episodes of Healer, Ji Chang Wook is DELISH!!

Ji Chang Wook

The first time I seen Chang Wook was in Empress Ki. He was a delight there and memorable but my eye candy and one of my favorites was the “other” lead so I didn’t really care for him as much. Some where in there I must have taken notice because I was anxious in seeing him again.

Suited Up ~ Ji Chang Wook

Okay, who am I really fooling? It’s seeing him in magazine pictorials that really peaked my interest.  I keep trying to tell myself that I am falling out of love for flower boys but this is what keeps drawing me in. LOL!

Rocker Ji Chang Wook

Any man who can pull off long hair and the rocker look, has my vote and attention. Throw in some fierce acting & a pretty smile and I am sure to check out anything he is set to appear.


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