Watch it Wednesday

Yep, back to regular weekly Juje. Wow, it’s almost a new year and a new long wait for foreign movies that I really want to see 🙂 (Ya’ll know how long it takes to get a new kmovie to get uploaded and subbed)

Tokyo Boy

I chose Tokyo Boy as my return movie. It’s been sitting in my “plan to watch ” queue for a few weeks. Very interesting plot about Minato (Maki Horikita) a quiet and shy girl who works at the neighborhood mart. She seems to have only one friend even though they have never met. Night, a guy that she has known for 10 years and corresponds only through letters.  She shares everything about herself with him even that she met a guy that actually likes her and confessed his feelings. She lets Night know that she has fallen in love with Shu Karasawa (Takuya Ishida) and tells him everything she knows about him.  She also shares her fear of telling Shu about her frequent spells of  missing time and memory.

My Thoughts

As a said a very interesting plot dealing with multiple personalities and pretty well executed but in my opinion, there was so much more that could have been done within the storytelling. It’s a psychological and dark suspense that could have been much darker to bring the seriousness of this type of mental illness and how it’s affects those around them.

Other than that, it’s a very good movie that pulls you in quickly but it’s a very slow and interpersonal.  It delves in flashbacks and repetitiveness for most of the second half so if that is not your type of thing, you will not like this movie. I can attribute my wanting a bit more due to the fact that this a  2006 Japanese release and there is so much more they can do now technology wise than back in 2006 also I love any and everything that deals with psychology so my mind works overtime in analyzing. So it can possibly just be me reading more into  it than what others may see.

I will say this, I rather see this type of subject through the eyes of a Japanese writer and Director because they seem to go deeper and darker than a Korean or American writer and Director. Just my opinion but it doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy either of those versions as well as they are realistic believable.

The cast besides Maki Horikita, who was awesome in her portrayal of Minato, was interesting just enough to keep the flow of the movie. (Hey, Maki needed  people to play off). Her leading man, Takuya Ishida, wasn’t anything spectacular but did play his character well.  His character could have had more depth if another actor was chosen. Someone like Haruma Miura could have put emotion to Shu.  Shu was dealing with a mental ill person that he loved and didn’t know how to help. I didn’t get that feeling from him. I felt no connection.

As far as Maki,  she did her thing here but I wish she would have done just a bit more especially with Minato. I felt a bit of connection with Minato but she was lost in translation once Maki played the duel role, Night.  I connected more with Night and actually wanted Night to succeed in winning Minato’s heart. How crazy is that ??? LOL!! I felt so sorry for Night.

A definite recommendation.  I give it…..

4 stars for Tokyo Boy



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