Asian Christmas ~ Day 23

It’s a rough hill battle trying to prepare for the final countdown to Christmas. Last minute gifts, food preparation, entertaining family AND trying to enjoy my Asian dramas. So as I prepare to spend some quality time with my loved ones especially reveling in my first official Christmas with my Yeobo. I am loving this certain song.

Jonghyun (CNBlue) and Juniel ~ Love Falls

I haven’t picked out a movie or drama to watch because I haven’t had time so here is the list of K~dramas/movies that I have found that are based around Christmas but not necessarily focused but I couldn’t seem to find them streaming online ANYWHERE. Also don’t take my word on this because some of them I didn’t research but they were suggested

Ryang Kang-do, Merry Christmas, North

Romantic Island

Actresses ( I found it on Netflix but I wasn’t interested in watching)

I Remember You ( Christmas Gift)

If It Snows on Christmas

Miracle in Cell # 7 ( Is streaming/ I do plan to watch this but after Christmas)

Doomsday Book ( The Fall of Humanity- chapter 3)

Thank You For Your Smile

Sad Temptation



My Love, Clementine


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