Asian Christmas ~ Day 21

I do have to admit that it is getting a bit harder now to find Christmas songs that I actually want to add to my 25 days list. I am really picky on any type of music but I did find one that I am absolutely loving. It’s a rendition of one of my favorite American winter songs that is forever played at Christmas time.

Sung Si Kyung & Ailee ~ Baby, It’s Cold Outside


I decided to pick a few movies off of my “plan to watch” list. I have waited for the longest time for the Japanese movie, MONSTERZ, to be uploaded and subbed since the first moment I read the synopsis.  I know it’s a take from the K~drama movie, Haunters, starring Kang Dong Won & Go Soo.

MONSTERZ stars Tatsuya Fujiwara and Takayuki Yamada. Fujiwara plays a man with special powers to manipulate people with the stare of his eyes. One day, he meets Shuichi Tanaka( Takayuka Yamada) and is suddenly confused because Tanaka seems to be the one person that he can not manipulate with his eyes.

My Thoughts

So far the movie is interesting. I haven’t finished it yet because it’s getting closer to Christmas and now I have family arriving, last-minute gifts to buy and wrap, and grocery shopping for the rest of my Christmas meal but I will complete my 25 days of Christmas even if I have to watch the first 1 hour of a movie and then finish the rest after Christmas day 🙂

Anyway, A few people suggested to watch the Kdrama version but in my opinion, it seems Japanese movies give a better take on this type of genre. I am also not the type of person to watch a remake of a movie if I have already seen a version of it already.  I still have yet to watch the original “Boys Over Flowers”  (see if don’t even know the actual title)

If you are interested in these type of movies, I would say give a try because at the moment I am enjoying it.


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