Asian Christmas ~ Day 19

Today on my 19th day of Asian Christmas,  I attempted to wrap some gifts but looking at my floor at this moment is the thought that I failed MISERABLY.  I’ll blame it on wanting a Winter Wonderland but not a snowstorm as we having been getting sporadically.

Sung Si Kyung ~ Winter Wonderland

Mourning Grave

Yes! Another horror/thriller has made it on to my list. It’s a shame that it’s been hard to find  a lot of Christmas themed Asian movies streaming. The list that I have compiled will be posted as one of my last count down days.

Well, I have to say Mourning Grave was a treat to watch. Kang Ha Neul and Kim So Eun were wonderful together.  I don’t know if it’s just me but I find Kim So Eun to have a sweet chemistry with all of her leads whether first or second.  She is slowly becoming one of my favorites.

Mourning Grave is about In Soo(Kang Ha Neul), a teenage boy who is gifted with seeing ghosts. A childhood incident led In Soo to move to the states but after years, he has transferred by to Seoul where he encounters a girl ghost,Sae Hee (Kim So Eun) at his high school. As he forms a friendship with her, he starts to learn about the events that lead to her death.

I am very proud of myself for choosing movies or dramas that I have actually liked and this one is no exception. I love ghost stories or ghost seeing stories. They are even better when the actor or actress can have you connect emotionally to their characters.  Not only did Ha Neul and So Eun do a great job, the supporting cast done well. The bullies, yes bullies. I don’t think we can get away from them when dealing with anything high school.  The bullies had me hating them with every fiber of my being that I wished bad things on them. You will just have to see if I gotten my wish 🙂

Pssst. Don’t watch alone at night. You have been forwarn.


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