Asian Christmas ~ Day 18

What a tiresome day 18 of my Asian Christmas. I truly lived up to the saying ” Shop Til You Drop”  I did almost all of my Christmas shopping today {Yay,  just 2 more presents to buy} but somewhere in the span of an hour and half of getting home, I feel asleep.  It’s now 2 am and I am up but a little happy that SoundCloud FINALLY has….

Taecyeon from 2PM~ Christmas With You

Baby and I

This may be my favorite Korean movie. There is no rhyme or reason to how much I love this movie. I just do. I have only been obsessed with Asian dramas since May 2013 but I have seen Baby and I a few times.. maybe more than a few to my yeobo’s liking But NOone will keep me from Jang Geun Suk as Han Joo Soo, a delinquent teenager whose parents decides to run away from home to teach Joo Soo a lesson of being a responsible “adult”. They leave him with only a videotape and $100. Joo Soo decides to have a party in his parent’s absence so he sets out to the store and this is where he finds a baby boy (Moon Manson) placed inside his shopping cart with a note stating that he is the baby’s father and the mother can no longer care for their child.

My Thoughts

Seeing that I am a battling I bit of insomnia, I decided to watch Baby and I AGAIN  🙂

Like I stated above, there is no rhyme or reason for me loving this show. I just do. It reminds me of the American Movie, 3 Men and a Baby, and I love that movie. It also reminds of the American Movie, Look Who’s Talking, another movie I love.

My favorite part of the movie is when Joo Soo breaks down in front of his father (mother) and expresses his love for his son and wanting to be a good father but he doesn’t know what else to do and tells them how scared he was when he found out about the baby and they were there.  I am getting emotional just thinking about that point.

I just love this movie and I can’t imagine not having on this list.


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