Asian Christmas ~ Day 17

7 more shopping days left until Christmas and then the big day. The day needs to hurry up because I don’t know how much longer I can keep answering questions from my 4-year-old son about Santa’s travel plans and his route to our house.  I am in need of my December miracle and that comes in the form of some DELICIOUS Spiced and SPIKED Eggnog.

EXO ~ Miracles in December

How To Use A Guy with Secret Tips

Lee Si Young and Oh Jung Se were absolutely hilarious in How To Use A Guy With Secret Tips, a 2013 S. Korean movie release.

Choi Bo Na (Lee Si Young) is an overworked and under appreciated assistant director who is disregard by her colleagues and people in general. She is socially awkward, has low esteem and doesn’t burst with confidence. One day she is stranded on the beach and comes across a self-help guru, Dr. Swarski (Park Yeong Gyu) who sells her a complete set of self-help books on how to use men successfully.  Through her personal training, she starts to succeed professionally and gains the affections of a raising star, Lee Seung Jae (Oh Jung Se)

My Thoughts

How To Use A Guy With Secret Tips follows the general story plot. Wall Flower type girl breaks out of shell and gains the love of a popular guy. Nothing special there but this movie is perfect for hilarious high jinks and over the top acting to have you laughing until the end.

Oh Jung Se had me rolling with his character. I needed a laugh and he gave me several. He was a perfect choice to for Lee Si Young to play off. Their comedic timing together was perfect.  The elevator scene was my favorite. I hit rewind a few times before moving forward.

If you need to watch something for the sake of laughing, definitely watch this  🙂


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