Asian Christmas ~ Day 16

Wow, do you realize how many more days that are left before Christmas? We are leaping quickly toward the finish line. Day 16 has us enjoying a bit of Snow Candy.

Starship Planet ~ Snow Candy

The Tower (Korean Movie)

First, I have to say that I didn’t use the original movie poster from The Tower because it’s a bit too realistic concerning the tragedy that haunts America, September 11, 2001.

With that being said, The Tower is a 2012 S. Korean Disaster Film starring Kim Sang Kyung as Lee Da Ho, a single father who works at Tower Sky as the maintenance supervisor and who also has a huge crush on Seo Yoon Hee (Son Ye Jin), the restaurant manager.  While preparing for the annual Christmas Eve Party, Lee Da Ho notices that there is a major problem with the fire suppression system that affects floors 60-70. He reports the problems to the building owner Jo (Cha In Pyo) but he ignores the warnings and continues with plans for party.  As the party is under way and the crowd is marveling at the special effects and man-made snow being dropped by helicopters that were hired for this special presentation. Within minutes of the presentation, the party turns to terror and chaos when the helicopters lose control and crash into the building.

My Thoughts

I have to warn that my excitement of this movie may be due to the serious girl crush I have on Son Ye Jin. LOL!!!. As crazy as I thought the movie, Pirates turned out. I still liked the movie.  Why? Because of Son Ye Jin. Understand now? 🙂

I love a good disaster movie and this movie did not disappoint. Terror, Mayhem,  Survival, Duty, Honor and romance were all present.  Never a dull moment. Straight edge of your seat action, Awesome special effects, and a wonderful cast.

This movie will have you in all your feelings.  You will begin with smiling, adding some laughter, angst, and tears.  Hey, it’s a Korean movie. You can not get away from melodramatic if you wanted to. I was bawling by the end of the movie, hell I was bawling in the middle of the movie.

The intensity level of this movie is high and there is never a dull moment. I give this a high rating because this movie caught the attention of my father who HATES movie with subtitles. He was all into this movie and then some but unfortunately had to leave for work before finishing it but made me promise that the next time he visits my home that we will finish watching.

This is definitely a must watch.


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