Music Monday with Lee Na Rae

Lee Na Rae

I am a bit upset 😦   I have searched throughout this entire internet. The English translated internet that is and haven’t found out any information on Lee Narae.  Clear information. I keep getting a Park Narae from the girl group, SPICA and a Lee Narae, a graphic novel artist.

This just tells me that I need to hurry and master the Korean language so I can read the Korean internet. I am really debating waking up the Yeobo and asking him to write this post.  😛 😦

Well, since I can’t find the info needed, I do want to share the song that makes me want to feature her and makes want to listen to more of her soothing voice.  I LOVE THIS SONG.




2 responses to “Music Monday with Lee Na Rae

  1. Hey, I have some more info for you! Lee Na Rae is with the record label Real Collabo, and if you look at their website, you can see her name there.
    Link is:

    She hasn’t released much, aside from Raining in Amsterdam, a Christmas song, and a few songs with her as a featuring artist (Ra.D, 이나래)

    Oh, and she’s also doing a cover project, which she has one song out.



    • OMG!! Thanks so much for taking the time to let me know a bit more about Lee Na Rae. I have really been trying to find more music from her. I really love her sound and the direction she takes with music. I will definitely check out the info you provided for me.

      If you have any other recommendations of Indie Artists that I should check, please feel free to let me know:) Thank again!



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