Asian Christmas ~ Day 15

We are still moving along on our 25 Days of Asian Christmas. On Day 15, I am still loving the Cube Entertainment Christmas Song as well as the video

Cube Entertainment ~ Christmas Song

Manatsu no Merry Christmas

Manatsu No Merry Christmas or Merry Christmas in Summer is a Japanese Drama about Ryo (Takenouchi Yutaka), a former boxer from Okinawa who now works as a loan shark in Tokyo. He finds himself coming to the rescue of a former Orphanage friend, Haru (Nakatani Miki) who dreams of a better life but is Tokyo but is almost sold  into the adult style slavery upon her arrival.

My Thoughts

I am not sure if I am going to watch this since I have a few on air dramas I am watching as well as watching the dramas that I have already featured on my Asian Christmas list BUT upon reading the cast list, I spotted Haruma Miura’s name so it’s in strong contention that I might give in after finishing the 25 days.


Discussion The Madness

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