Asian Christmas ~ Day 14

On the 14th day of Asian Christmas, my KPOP  gave to me…..

BESTie ~ Zzang Christmas

Plan Man

Plan Man is a 2014 S. Korean film starring Jung Jae Young as Han Jung Suk, an obsessive compulsive, germaphobe whose life is precisely detailed down to the minute on alarm clocks.  Never late, Never Dirty and nothing ever out-of-place until the fateful day of his planned confession to a convenience store clerk that he has observed for 100 days goes wrong. While preparing to confess to who he thinks is Ji Won(Cha Ye Ryun) behind the counter, he is startled when he finds out it is not her and hastily runs out of the door leaving his 100 day planner behind.  This is how Yoo  So Jung(Han Ji Min), a free-spirited and total opposite of Jae Young enters his life.

My Thoughts

I thought this movie was hilarious especially after watching a movie that I cried buckets of tears.  I thought Han Ki Min was a delight in her role as So Jung.  I could really see her being this type of character in life and Poor Jae Young LOL. He caught the devil with her. Jung Jae Young was every bit of the uptight and socially awkward Jung Suk. The complete opposite of his character in Confession of Murder.  I simply can’t believe he hasn’t done a drama but  then I am not familiar with too many Korean actors just being into movies. I would definitely watch a drama with him starring.

The plot is really predictable. You know there is going to be a big reveal of how he became conflicted with this behavior pattern. It’s a very sad reveal and the emotions, Jae Young gave. OUTSTANDING.  The tears didn’t last long

All in all this is a great comedy watch during the holidays.


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