Asian Christmas ~ Day 13

It seems we are quickly moving our way through the 25 Days of Asian Christmas.  Day 13 has us enjoying the thoughts of a perfect Christmas.

Big Hit Entertainment ~ Perfect Christmas

BaBo Miracle Giving FoolBABO, The miracle of giving fool is a 2008 S. Korean release about Seung Ryong (Cha Tae Hyun), who suffers a tragic event where his father died and he was left with brain damage. The story begins with Seung Ryong at 27 years old suffering with a 6-year-old mentality but loving life with a continuous smile on his face. His priority in life is keeping his late mother’s promise to  take care of his teenage sister, Jee In (Park Ha Sun)  and wait for the “crush” of his life, Ji Ho (Ha Ji Won) . Though his life seems simple, he doesn’t realize the impact he has on others including his best friend, Sang Soo (Park Hee Soon),

My Thoughts

I went into this movie expecting to have a bit of water works after reading the synopsis  BUT what I gave in water works could have possible watered an entire continent.  The good thing about the tears is that they didn’t come until the near end of the film. The rest of time I was filled with laughter, smiles and moments of annoyance at the treatment of Seung Ryong by some of the characters, mainly for his little sister.

The entire cast was wonderful. Ha Ji Won never disappoints in anything I have seen her in and she is the main reason I decided to give this movie a try. Cha Tae Hyun was exceptional in this role. Whenever an actor can take a simple but complex character such a Seung Ryong and play them effortlessly, that is a testament of their range and Tae Hyun proves to be a force each time I see him.  Park Ha Sun was okay, I didn’t realize it was her until I starting writing this post. She was the annoying little sister and I was truly annoyed so I guess that makes her acting more than okay. LOL. I am not too familiar with Park Hee Soon acting credits but as the trouble but sensitive “cafe” manager, I was drawn in to him. Might be my infatuation with bad boys, loners, and outcasts. LOL . Then I realized he was the creepy deacon in Hansel and Gretel yeah, you fooled sir

Perfect movie to watch during the holidays without it being a holiday movie


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