Friday’s Eoljjang 12/12/14

This week’s choice was chosen because I am anticipating, I am anxious, and I am giddy with pleasure that his drama, Shine or Go Crazy,  has started production for its January premiere.  {YAY!!! Does happy dance}

My giddiness goes to….Jang Hyuk for this week’s EolJjang.

Jang Hyuk

I just had my first experience with Jang Hyuk in Fated to Love You (Korean) and his acting captured me from the first scene.  Not many actor or actresses can get me with a comedic routine but Jang Hyuk held his own from the start and added a new fan to his list.

Jang Hyuk

Now the crazy WTF hairstyles he had on FTLY had me pondering if he was actually nice looking as I thought so when they decided to chop that piece of fly away bang off and style it, I saw his rugged good looks. Yeah, I saw them and still see them and look forward to seeing them again 😛

Jang Hyuk for GQ

He is very photogenic. I didn’t see one bad picture while I was searching. I love this GQ spread especially this photo. The look on his face resembles mine when it’s close to punch out time at work. I look lackadaisical out of my window at work wishing for time to speed up.  Oops let me get back to focus here. LOL

Jang Hyuk for L'Official Hommes

This is a good reason to bring in the New Year. Can you tell I am anxiously waiting 🙂



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