Asian Christmas ~ Day 12

YAY!!! Day 12. We are half way there 🙂 This is my second Christmas since the beginning of my addiction to all things Asian back in May 13 and this year this song is still a staple on my playlist.

JYP Nation ~ This Christmas

Christmas Rose

Christmas Rose is a 2013 Hong Kong court drama about Jane Li (Guey Lun Mei), a disabled woman who presses charges against her celebrity doctor, Dr. Winston Zhou (Chang Chen) for sexual assaulting during a scheduled examination. During the trial, Tim Chen (Aaron Kwak),the prosecutor realizes that there is more going on to this case than it being an assault.

My Thoughts

I was enjoying this movie until I reached the half way mark. I can not pinpoint when it all went south. The writer/director, Charlie Young had a good storyline but the execution couldn’t handle the many plot twists that were being crammed together to create an intriguing thriller.  It quickly became a confusing mess because one storyline was established in the beginning and was the reason for the trial but during the trial the writer tried to merge additional stories into the scenario.  The relationships that the characters had away from the courthouse were not well established and didn’t have much to do with the storyline. The only relationship that had substance was the Dr. and his family. I felt they could have done way more with that storyline.

The actors were sub par but that is to no fault of their own.  It was poorly written and directed so their efforts failed miserably. I am really disappointed in this movie. It had so much potential in the beginning and OH TO THE HELL NO of that ending. WHAT? That’s it? The ending made no sense so the dialogue fell flat.  I do not recommend this at all and then to top it off, IT HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH CHRISTMAS.

But I did learn an interesting fact(hey it’s new to, there is such a thing called a Christmas Rose. The hellebore (Christmas Rose) are evergreen perennials that grow 12 to 15 inches tall and have shiny, dark green leathery leaves. Each flower stalk bears a single 2 to 4 inch white bloom sometimes tinged with pink.

The is also a Legend called ” The Legend of the Christmas Rose”  here


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