Asian Christmas ~ Day 11

I have included this song on my 2014 KPOP Christmas List out of pure love for my yeobo. He won’t admit to it but the evidence shows that he REALLY likes Crayon Pop.  All I have to do is check any of his BAJILLION playlist and I am guaranteed to find several Crayon Pop songs.  I do like the song but it wasn’t enough for me to add it so in honor of my honey, here it goes.

2014 Chrome Family (Crayon Pop, K-Much, Bob Girls, & Zan Zan) Love Christmas

Hansel and Gretel Korean Movie

Hansel and Gretel is tagged as horror and it does contain some instances that can be horror but in my opinion, this movie falls more in the genre of thriller/mystery.  It stars Chun Jung Myung, Shim Eun Kyung , Jin Ji Hee and Eun Won Jae.

Chun Jung Myung plays the protagonist Lee Eun Soo who gets in a severe car accident and loses consciousness while trying to look for help. Kim Young Hee (Shim Eun Kyung) happens upon Eun Soo in the forest and escorts him back to her home for the night. That is where he meets Young Hee’s older brother, Kim Man Bok (Eun Won Jae) and little sister, Kim Jung Soon (Jin Ji Hee).

Eun Soo quickly finds out that things aren’t what they seem as he tries to find his way out of the forest but keeps back to the children’s home. He continues to experience unexplainable and odd behavior by the children but is determined to find out the mystery and is determined to free himself from the children.

My Thoughts

Does it look like I am adding a lot of horror to my Christmas Playlist? LOL

I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. I loved the visual comparisons to the fairytale of Hansel and Gretel.  The atmosphere of the story, the props, the set and the cast made this a very compelling movie.

The actors were outstanding. Well, Chun Jung Myung could have been a bit better but his acting didn’t hinder the storyline especially since Eun Kyung, Ji Hee, and Won Jae really set the tone of the cast. They couldn’t find any one better than this to play the central characters. Just wonderful especially little Ji Hee.  She was so adorable and creepy at the same time, not many can pull that off.  Eun Kyung, what can I really say that hasn’t been said. She is an amazing actress now and you clearly see the shaping of her star in this movie. I enjoyed Won  Jae as the older brother. I was looking to see if he played in anything recent but the last known drama he appeared in was in 2012.

It’s a very good movie to watch and what I like it about it is that it gives you clues throughout the movie but it doesn’t do the big reveal until the last possible minutes of the show but it does drop the ball a few times. There are some unanswered questions but those questions wouldn’t change the outcome of the story and doesn’t hinder the conclusion.

So I do recommend.


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