Asian Christmas ~ Day 10

I am adding another new 2014 Christmas song. I am known for staying to my tried & true songs which that simply means is that is very hard for a new song to be added to the original list. Yeah, I am complicated like that 🙂 but BTOB has warmed my heart with their new song.

BTOB ~ You Can Cry

Will It Snow For Christmas

On Day 10, I decided to start the drama, Will It Snow For Christmas. I am only at the second episode so it’s a bit too early to tell if I continue the entire drama. It has to pass my 4 episode test and from the look of the cast, I may be in for the long haul.

I have read different post about this drama and I see there is mixed feelings about this drama. It ranges from Absolute love to utter disgust. What I do gather that this is truly a melodrama with lots of angst. Hmmm, I don’t know if I want to be at a melo level for Christmas but it’s worth a try.


Discussion The Madness

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