Asian Christmas ~ Day 9

Day 9 is brings a new Christmas song for 2014. I ran across it a few days ago and it has been on constant replay when I listen to my playlist.

Starship Planet (K.Will, Sistar, Boyfriend, Mad Clown, Junggigo, JooYoung) ~ Love Is You

Cheongdamdong Alice

There is no way I could get by without adding Cheongdamdong Alice to my Christmas list.  I watched this prior to the Christmas holiday but I think it is a perfect add because the set up begins during the winter and Christmas is a part of that. YAY!!

Moon Geun Young plays Han Se Young, an aspiring fashion designer who believes that with hard work and talent she will rise to her dream but working in the Cheongdamdong District she learns it’s not about hard work but it’s about status, privilege and style.  She decides to change her outlook and looks to her “boss” and rival Seo Yoon Joon (Si Yi Hyun) to change her image and coach her on “How To Marry A Rich Man”.  She sets out to seduce Jean Thierry Cha ( Park Si Hoo), a CEO in the luxury brand industry who has fallen in love with the genuine & idealistic girl he once knew, Se Young.

I am a bit bias to this drama because I am a big fan of Moon Geun Young and just about everything she has been a part of I have loved to some degree even if she was the only thing I loved about it but my opinion of this drama is that it was really good and should be a part of everyone’s list.





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