Asian Christmas ~ Day 8

Started my Christmas decorating last night, thought I would be finished by this night but still have the outside to finish. GAWD… LOL!!  Sorry that this post is late but Asian Christmas Day 9 and 10 will be up sometime later today.

Asian Christmas Day 8 brings a slow & hauntingly beautiful cover of Mariah Carey’s  Christmas hit, All I want for Christmas is you.  Opinions vary between love and hate of this version by 2NE1’s Park Bom & Kpop Star Season 1’s second runner-up,Lee Hi.   I love it because it brings out the real meaning and emotion of the song speaking of loneliness

Park Bom & Lee Hi ~ All I Want For Christmas Is You

The movie I chose for Day 8 is Horror Stories 2

Horror Stories 2

I know it has nothing to do with Christmas but the way Girlfriday from the blog, Dramabeans described it, I had to include it on my list. She suggested the title should be Shut Up and Kick the Flower Boy Next Door at Christmas”.   Seeing that the cast features actors that have played together in the above mentioned dramas of Shut Up Flower Boy Band (Sung Joon), High Kick (Baek Jin Hee & Kim Ji Woon, Flower Boy Next Door (Go Kyung Pyo & Kim Seul gi) and White Christmas (Sung Joon & Lee Soo Hyuk)

Horror Stories 2 is the second installment of  the Horror Stories  films which follows the same outline as the original, 4 short stories by 4 different South Korean Director with each segment running about 23 -30 minutes.

444 starring Lee Se Young & Park Sung Woong. Directed by Min Kyu Dong

The Cliff starring Sung Joon & Lee Soo Hyuk. Directed by Kim Sung Ho

The Accident starring Baek Jin Hee & Kim Seul Gi. Directed by Kim Hwi

The Escape starring Go Kyung Pyo & Kim Ji Won. Dircted by Jung Bum Sik

My Thoughts

I made  it to finishing The Cliff  but my eyes are starting to win the battle on sleep so my thoughts so far is that I am enjoying it.  I like the idea of short horror stories combined into a compilation.  The idea of seeing the contrast of differences and similarities between the different directors is very interesting.

This movie was released in 2013 so it fits in my opinion of the horror movies that have been released in the past few years.  They aren’t really scary but they have their moments but I have to admit that this film is a bit different because of the difference of scenarios of each short story. For Example, The Cliff. The guys are best friends but they find themselves in a bit of crazy situation and only one of them can survive this situation. Nothing really scary about that but it’s horrifying because you know it has to be a fight to the death.

I didn’t watch the original Horror Stories but I just might after getting through this in a few hours when I wake up 🙂


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