Snooper Sunday with A Real Life Barbie

Totally forgot about a Snooper Sunday post among my Kdrama and International Christmas shows but I have held on to something since the Thanksgiving holiday that I find interestingly disturbing.

The Human Barbie

The human Barbie Doll, Valeria Lukyanova.  A 29-year-old Russian Model and new age philosophist who believes she is an extraterrestrial sent from her planet to” Everything is love, God is love, I am you and you are me”  (“I am not sure what the hell kinda freak show this is”. My favorite quote from the character Mia on the American TV. show Girlfriends)

The Human Barbie, Valeria Lukyanova

I am not one to believe most of the jargon that is on the internet so I don’t know what is true or not. Many believe that she has physically altered her looks and body to emulate Mattel’s Barbie. It’s been said that she claims her looks and body are natural with the exception of her breast implants. She has also claimed to that she never wanted to be a human doll.  Only Valeria and those closest to her know the truth but it’s pretty damn suspect, that is what I will say.

The Human Ken and Barbie

Regardless of what she set to carry out, she accomplished a bit of fame and she is trying to take that to the bank with supposed efforts at an acting and singing career. One thing I do know, she must be riding the wave of being the human Barbie doll because when you take a picture with the human Ken Doll, Justin Jedlica, who is known for having 150+ plastic surgeries to achieve his look, you are definitely riding the wave.

The Human Barbie Website

Not sure if the above website is official but it’s an insight to Valeria but still interestingly disturbing.




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