Music Monday w/ Linus’ Blanket

Linus' Blanket YeonGene

I literally just heard of what use to be a group but is now a solo artist on yesterday while perusing 8tracks. (If you haven’t been on 8tracks, you are seriously missing out on some fantastic user playlists).  I am taking about none other than Linus Blanket.

Linus’ Blanket is now the solo effort of YeonGene, a soft and melodic jazz voice with a sweet flowing style.  I am thoroughly enjoying ALL the songs on the latest LP, Magic Moments.  Since this the first time she doesn’t have the backing of a group, she is featuring all her songs as duets with equally talented singers that blends naturally to her tempo.

I am not a big fan of Jazz but when an artist with the jazz sound catches my attention, I take notice because I believe that is something special and someone worth added to my collection of songs.

The songs that pulled me in are as followed. ENJOY!!

Linus’ Blanket Discography

Purchase Linus’ Blanket LP


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