Asian Christmas ~ Day 7

Day 7 and I am still going strong 🙂 One bit of info about me. NO KPOP playlist is complete until there is an IU song included so… here is my IU song,

IU ~ Christmas Time Again

Christmas In AugustChristmas In August is about a terminally ill man, Jung Won (Han Suk Kyu) who falls in love with Da Rim (Shim Eun Ha) in the midst of finding out his final diagnosis for an unnamed disease. During his days, he begins to accept his fate and puts things in order for his family and friends.

My Thoughts

I don’t think I was really in the mood for this type of story but it kept me interested. It’s a very introspective type storyline. You will HAVE to pay attention because there are subtle nuances that guide you through the progress of the story.  There is no “in your face” telling of events such as Jung Won finding out about his illness and diagnosis, telling of his family and friends or Da Rim finding out why he disappeared and so on.

So I decided to re watch since I wasn’t paying much attention the first time but on the second go round I was enthralled in the story line. It’s a movie based on realism. You will be taking on the journey with Jung Won as he comes to term with his impending death. You will get to experience each stage of grief and you will be with Jung Won when he finally accepts. You will go through the steps he takes to prepare his family and friends for his death and you will see the heartbreaking departure from Da Rim.

I was an emotional basket case by the end because it was just a sad thing to watch but it was also refreshing. Jung Won didn’t spend his time in misery, he continued to thrive and relish in the goodness of his life and that was the greatest essence of this movie


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