Asian Christmas ~ Day 6

What???? Day 6 of Asian Christmas, already? This is the day I decide to share my absolute favorite Christmas EVER. I have many versions of this song that I like and Taeyeon’s version has been added to that list.

Taeyeon of SNSD ~ O’ Holy Night

White Christmas

White Christmas, a 2011 8 episode drama special about 7  students, a teacher and an injured bystander who spend  the Christmas break on the school campus. During those 8 days, the school become a highly volatile and unstable environment where tragedy strikes. Who will survive? Who will be the perpetrator?  Will we find out “Are  monsters created or are humans born monsters?

This has sat in my “plan to watch” queue for the longest time. Since it is Christmas, it’s a great time to watch it plus who wouldn’t want to sit through 8 episodes of Kim Woo Bin, Lee Soo Hyuk & Sung Joon ( my reasons for watching 😛 )

I don’t have any thoughts on it as of now because it is probably going to take me until Monday to finish it but so far up to episode 3, I am totally invested and a bit freaked out. LOL.

Just had to let you know that this was the chosen movie/drama for Day 6.



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