Asian Christmas ~ Day 3

Day 3 of my Asian Christmas is a day late but it’s better late than never, right? Well here it goes 🙂

Super Junior ~ Santa, You Are The One

Happy Ero Christmas (Happy Naked Christmas)

Happy Ero Christmas (Happy Erotic Christmas) is a 2003 S. Korean movie starring Cha Tae Hyun as Sung Byung Ki, a rookie cop that vowed to take down Bang Seok Doo (Park  Young Gyu), the boss of the Spa Gangsters. While waiting for the right moment to exact his revenge, he begins a one-sided love with the local bowling alley attendant, Heo Min Kyung (Kim Sun A).

My Thoughts

This movie was boring as hell. I tend to find Cha Tae Hyun hilarious  but he couldn’t even pull this off as funny.  I admit, at times I chuckled but that was far and few during the aspect of an hour and half movie.  It was also confusing about what this movie was supposed to be about, was it suppose to be a little raunchy type movie or was it suppose to be a comedic revenge and love movie. If it was supposed to be all the above, then it failed miserably in its delivery.

The only thing I liked about the movie was seeing the “younger faces” of the actors or actresses that you still see in dramas today. I always get a kick out of seeing their early work.  In Happy Ero Christmas, you will spot Yang Ik June (It’s Okay, It’s Love, Inspiring Generation), Jung Suk Young (Hotel King, Miss Korea), Park Won Sang (Big Man, Golden Cross), Lee Chung Ah (Flower Boy Ramen Shop) and a few more faces.

I can’t think of any reason to really add this to any holiday list other than it is set during Christmas time. Watch at your own wish 😛


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