Asian Christmas ~ Day 2

It’s day two of my Asian Christmas selections  and today I share with you:

BOYFRIEND ~ My Treasure ボクの宝物

Pin Onna No Merry Christmas

A Single Girl’s Merry Christmas

A Single Girl’s Merry Christmas {Pin Onna no Merry Christmas} is a Japanese 2012 special about Matsubara Kaeda (Kanjiya Shihori) a 28-year-old, a creative ace of the greeting card section at her job,who wants desperately to be in love in time for Christmas.  She has been in a 3 year slump and her job is suffering greatly. It seems when she is happy in love, her greeting card slogans are a huge hit in greeting card sales but when she is unhappy and loveless, greeting cards sales are in a slump. 

Her love life is the topic of discussion among her close group of friends. Yajima Rinko (Hiraiwa Kami), Hirosawa Akari (Tanimura Mitsuki) & Irie Wataru (Tsukamoto Takashi), the lone male of the group. At the fuss of Kaeda, her friends jump into action on getting her back in the dating world.  Most of her attempts fail but she does have a shining possibility.  Is Kaeda’s love far out of reach or is it closer than she expects?

My Thoughts

I really enjoyed this special.  It’s a bit more than an average love story. It tends to involve itself with Kaeda’s journey to finding love and how she grows and learns about herself with each possible relationship that fails.  What I like most about the story is how her friends support her by pushing Kaeda out of her shell to be more social and encourages her every step of the way. They are there for her when things don’t work out but they don’t have a problem calling her out on her attitude as well.

A Single Girl followed the template of a “Journal”. There are many time forwards and flash backs explaining where the story is leading and what events led her to a certain “special” event.  I found it very quirky but easy to follow and understand. The process of finding love was based on of how romances unfold in Japanese manga books and A Single Girl adds a lot of those nuances.

A Single Girl isn’t much of a Christmas story but it’s centered around the month of December and ends on Christmas Day so it does give you a but of holiday spirit and cheer. It’s a definite recommend.


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